The Fat Loss Troubleshoot


The original and #1 guide to solving your fat loss problems.

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Topics Covered In The Book

Below are just a few topics and research points I cover in the book. If in doubt, download the free preview below.

Studies and Anecdote

While you get tons of research and data used in this book, you also get free-living advice and anecdote that can aid you getting what you want.


Combining the latest nutritional research and real-time monitors so you’ll have hard data to apply to your situation.

Phone/Tablet Access

You can access this media on your phone or tablet on Android or iPhone. Access is also instant.

18 Chapters

This book covers calories, energy expenditure, training, cardio, mindset, lifestyle, and more. If you apply the tips and things in this book, fat loss will happen.


Fat loss isn’t just cold hard data, it’s our approach. I’ve found in my years of working with clients that fat loss is small part data and large part strategy. Having that gives you a genuine chance.


No one hates poor customer service more than me. Since 2006, I’ve been part of online business. I have no hesitation in saying I have one of the best customer service records that exist. If you’re not happy, you get a refund, period.


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