The Muscle Experiment

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How a 148-lb Weakling with a Withered Right Arm Packed on 39 lbs of Muscle in Less than 6 Months… Without Ever Lifting a Single Weight!

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The Muscle Experiment SuperFreak System

This arsenal of muscle building weapons is so powerful that it’ll be harder to remain skinny than to gain muscle. You’ll have such an unfair advantage that it’s not even funny…

“It’s Like Showing Up To A Knife Fight With A Machine Gun”

Here's What You're Getting:

The Muscle Experiment – SuperFreak Manual

The main Manual that contains all the secrets and techniques that will help you pack on unbelievable amounts of muscle within the shortest possible time.

The information contained here is filtered to perfection. You’ll only get 100% useful info that will help you build all the muscle you’ve always wanted. No pointless scientific jargon that will bore you half to death. I’ll show you exactly what you need to do to build as much muscle as humanly possible without ever having to lift a weight or go to the gym.

What’s your excuse…No gym access? Crappy genetics? That doesn’t matter. If muscle building is your goal, then this is your answer. Every secret I learned is contained in this manual and is YOURS for the taking.

Discover the lost secrets of bodyweight training that will make you INSANELY HUGE, INSANELY FAST!

Free Bonus #1: The 8 Pack Manual

We’ve all heard stories about the mysterious “8 pack abs”…Problem is, nobody ever talks about what the heck they are, and most importantly HOW to get them. In the 8 Pack Manual I’ll take you step by step revealing to you the secrets behind the abdominal 8 pack and how YOU can develop them.

WARNING: It does not involve doing 200 ab crunches or taking fat burning pills…not even close.

Free Bonus #2: Bodyweight Exercise Database

What would you do if someone handed you a database of the most POWERFUL muscle building exercises on this planet?

Well that’s exactly what I’m giving you. In the bodyweight exercise databse, you’l get nothing but the pure BEST muscle building bodyweight exercises around. You also get crystal clear visual demonstrations of how to do them so as to push your workouts to the max!

Free Bonus #3: Muscle Building Mealplans

Have no clue on what you need to eat to gain mass? No problemo!

You can have my personal best set of muscle gain mealplans so you can stop worrying about what to eat and start focusing on what’s really important: your training. Remember, it’s not just about eating anything – it’s about eating the right thing.



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